My studies within the visual arts have always been inspired and influenced by my studies in the sciences. By studying science, I learned that life is characterized by patterns and regulation. It is ordered, structured, and in constant resistance of entropy. This has been a consistent theme in my art, no matter the medium I choose. Whether with pen and ink, pastels, paint, or sculpture, all of my pieces are inspired by the repetitive composition of living creatures. While my art has always focused on the natural patterns of growth, I put special emphasis on the smaller, more discrete elements of an ecosystem.

So many gaze at the incredible panoramas that surround them as they immerse themselves in nature, but when time is taken to adequately explore the smaller events occurring around them, a new appreciation for what the area has to offer will arise, and new interpretations on what kind of life the area supports can be valued. Like scientists that consistently observe the same patterns and behaviors every day, I hope to become intimately familiar with the most incidental moments of living organisms, reaching the observational familiarity of the ecologist.


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